Once Upon A Tour

Once Upon A Tour has begun!
Many folks ask us, “What is this ‘tour’ you speak of? Where will you be traveling? Why are you in my house?” Well folks, without further ado, we present to you the answer to all such questions in our highly informative tour poster! Take a look and see if we’ll be performing near you.

Once Upon A Tour

A New Orchardist Album

The day has come.

Our Indiegogo campaign has launched, which means we’re one step closer to a new Orchardist album!

Click here to find out all the ways you can help bring this album into the world:

Thank you for taking this leap with us into a new season. We can’t wait to see what it holds.


The Orchardist

Shucks, guys!

We won this year’s Christian Showcase at Belmont University!


It was a joy and a blessing to share our Christian Showcase adventure with all the folks who made the show possible and all the sweet friends who came out Saturday night! We are honored to be playing Best of the Best Showcase in spring, and immensely grateful for the opportunity to give the music that was first given to us. Thank you for a precious night we will not forget, friends!


The Orchardist

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